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This program invites you to stop doing and refrain from comparing.
It is a catalyst to pause and open up space for yourself.

An immersion into all the dimensions of your relationship with the craft of pure coaching,
this experience invites you into shifting your perspective about the role of a masterful coach.

When the seduction of comfort has dissolved and the power of gone witnessed, a spotlight is placed
on true partnership where coaching presence and process intersect.

This teaches you how to shift from participant to contributor in a dialogue where the client is empowered
into momentum by the rare value of YOU transcending from being helpful to being useful. 


There are 40 ICF CCE units in core competencies available for this offering which can be also be split into
30 hours coach specific training and 10 hours mentor coaching. 

To arrange a non obligatory chemistry call to discuss your compatibility with this program contact Emer directly.

Registration for the next cohort of this program which commences 11th September 2024 is now open.

Below is a preview of the program's self paced learning modules.


Becoming Masterful Experience

Becoming Masterful Testimonials

Marie Christine Matos

Professional Coach | Learning & Performance 

If you wish to deep dive into who you are as a coach, and have a deeper sight into the competencies of being a coach, this is for you.
I cannot recommend Emer enough as an authentic and inspiring guide on this journey.

Bhrona Long

ACC Executive & Resilience Coach | Trainer

After listening to, reflecting on and digesting the wonderful coaching modules, I finally slowed down and gave myself permission to get off the merry go round to really hear the powerful knowledge Emer shared.
I found the experience so insightful, profound, and just delightful. Listening to the lessons gets me really excited about coaching again!
The reflective journals were a great way to pause and think carefully. Wonderful few weeks.

Ted Walsh

PCC Executive & Career Coach | Trainer

I honestly cannot recommend this program highly enough!
It is definitely the best decision I made last year, to take this program with Emer.

Carina Furlong

PCC Executive Coach | Trainer

It has been 15 years since I completed my original diploma in coaching and I can honestly say this program expertly facilitated by Emer has been the most impactful to date.
Highly recommend it.
As an added bonus I connected with a phenomenal group of individuals.

Mary Ann McGowan,

PCC Executive Coach | Leadership Development

This year I said I wouldn't do another development program, I'm a bit of a learning junkie. Then Emer's program came along and I couldn't resist it.
If you are seeking to deepen your practice then give yourself the gift of this program. Emer has simplified what is complex and yet there is depth here that will have you explore your own mindset as well as the nuances in how you bring your skillset to bear in the coaching space.

Karl Grech,

PCC Executive Coach | Leadership Development

Highly recommended practical development program for professional coaches who would like to enhance or master their coaching craft - lots of praise for Emer for putting this program together.
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