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Individual Coaching

Slow down, in order to speed up.

Thinking; fast and slow.

Misery is optional.

A series of 

 Conversations to ignite curiosity and diminish fear

within all the dimensions of YOU.

Your head, your heart, your body, your intuition...

When you live the better part of your life in your head , through your thoughts,

you are not fully experiencing

Access, create and allow your desires through all your senses

Travel Inwards

Emer Doyle co-creates a multi sensory confidential space in which she facilitates your engagement in a series of honest, focused conversations with all the dimensions of you. These coaching sessions are future orientated; designed to assist you in stepping off the merry go round, onto still ground where you can fully emerge in the process of identifying, creating and sustaining the change you wish to experience in your life personally or professionally. 
A new way of showing up in your life that is in true alignment with meeting your current needs and future desires.
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Behind every complaint is an unspoken wish.


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