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ICF Mentor Coaching Programme with Emer Doyle MCC


Emer Doyle will provide a virtual confidential learning space for you to explore fully your understanding and demonstration of the core coaching competencies as defined by ICF in preparation for the ACC, PCC or MCC Credential you are applying for. There is no judgement or assessment in this mentor coaching space. You and your mentor coach will be working in partnership together with a view to enabling you to develop a deeper level of coaching competence, confidence and ease in your way of being. The purpose of the mentor coaching space is to allow you the opportunity to explore your own coaching style with curiosity, to acknowledge your strengths and identify areas for recommended further exploration and development.


The focus will be placed on competency development and appropriate application. This will start with a refresher teaching input on the core competencies, followed by a process of reviewing and providing detailed verbal and written feedback on a series of your recorded coaching sessions. These coaching sessions will be conducted one at a time, with a feedback session between each one, giving sufficient time and space between sessions to allow for the incorporation of your learning and development. Specific verbal and written feedback will be given, using targeted examples from the recorded sessions you submit. During this process, you will receive the opportunity to gain greater clarity on how your way of being in relationship to your clients directly shapes the richness and effectiveness of your coaching endeavours.

Upon Successful Completion of this individual virtual programme you will have the following:

  • Completed beyond 10 hours of mentor coaching.

  • Engaged in a mini refresher teaching input on the updated ICF core competencies and markers.

  • Compiled and submitted a series of written transcripts of your coaching recordings.

  • Received detailed written and verbal feedback on a series of your recorded coaching sessions.

  • Received guidance on the process involved in taking the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment and access
    to a self paced learning module on how to prepare for taking the exam itself.

  • Received guidance on selecting recording(s) for submission as part of the application process if applicable. 

  • Renewed enthusiasm and increased confidence in your way of being as a coach.


Programme Eligibility:

  • Participants are required to have completed 60 hours of coach specific training as defined by ICF.

  • Be actively working with clients who are willing to be recorded.

  • Participants must be in the position to commit to the full process and time line agreed by both parties.















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