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Emer has infectious enthusiasm for coaching which energised me. She is clear and concise  in her feedback. She clearly listens to me and reflects back positively.

-CAWT Coach

From a learning perspective, Emer's coaching thought process, explanations, guidance and ability to translate learning was exceptional. Our sessions were thought provoking, challenging, rewarding and somewhere I received significant learning. Emer has an exceptional ability to transfer her learning and knowledge from her head into my ears.

-Niall Gogarty ACC, Change Manager, HSE

Emer was very good - knew her stuff, very practical in her approach, very objective in her reviews and it made sense.

- Training & Dcvelopment Officer, HSE

.Emer is a truly talented professional with great skills

especially when it comes to active listening. Emer provided me with exactly what I intended to gain from my mentor while also challenging me to become a greater coach.

- William Corless ACC, Yellowood

Emer provided excellent feedback and enabled me to fine tune my skills as a coach. Her level of knowledge, attention to detail and encourgement were an invaluable support. I highly recommend her.

- Niall Heenan ACC,
 The Change Guy

Emer provided clarification, motivation and structure during the programme. Emer, as a mentor coach, was able to tailor our individual sessions to my learning style, needs and strengths. She was a great partner on my credentialing journey

- Walthea Patterson ACC

Emer provided a safe and well structured process within which to work. She met all her committments in terms of providing congruent, reflective and educational written and verbal feedback. She reflected in every aspect of her being and practice - the very essence of what constitutes a good and solid coaching experience.

-Training & Development Officer,
Child & Adolescent Heath. HSE


Emer is great to work with - very personal, positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, and professional.

- Deirdre Foley ACC, Strategic Fox

In my capacity as ICF Ireland Chapter President,   my experience of her as a mentor coach and developing a credentialing preparation programme, I fully endorse Emer’s skills and experience in supporting coaches in the ICF credentialing journey.

- Mary Rafferty ACC

Past President ICF Irish Chapter

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